Sophisticated microbiology for wastewater engineering.

SludgeHammer introduces sophisticated microbiology to wastewater engineering. Our focus on the software, the SludgeHammer Blend™ bacterial inoculum, allows simple, elegant hardware design to be introduced into conventional septic systems converting them into the most cost-effective and biologically powerful wastewater treatment in the industry.

Sludgehammer unit before being placed into tank

A simple and powerful solutions for wastewater treatment

SludgeHammer® septic system solves high water table problem!

How the SludgeHammer system works

The SludgeHammer, is a fully refined, tested solution to apply advanced biotechnology to wastewater treatment. Using the Aerobic Bacterial Generator (ABG), SludgeHammer is now working in thousands of septic systems and larger industrial waste systems throughout the world in a simple and economic fashion.

Tiny cottage lot with impossible setback issues spurs a training day featuring an aerobic treatment solution
SludgeHammer diagram