Maintenance programs

ATU systems must be on a regular maintenance schedule. Below are two maintenance programs we provide. Exact pricing depends on size and location of system.

  • 4 times a year, five year agreements
    • Aero-Tech ATU Inspection and Service
    • Quarterly Service Points
      • Core sample septic tanks to recommend pumping frequency of each tank.
      • Clean effluent filters in tanks. (when equipped)
      • Monitor Pump controls and alarms events. (Adjust floats as needed)
      • Check overall plumbing.
      • Report on trench inspection ports in drainage areas.
  • 2 times a year, five year agreements
    • Norweco ATU Inspection and Service
    • Bi-annual Service Points
      • Pull aerator motor and clean shaft
      • Clean effluent filter
      • Monitor aeration scum layer
      • Check pump controls