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The Perfect

Site preparation is obviously unique in every different situation but here is a list of what we usually put together for preparing a building- Please call us with any questions you may have (269) 445-7777.

Land Clearing

Land clearing includes stripping the topsoil for later use, removing trees and stumps that may be in the way and generally making sure there is enough open spaces for the next phase. (now as a side note: we love trees and are very careful not to remove trees unnecessarily)


This is important because it effects the long-term use of the building and most of this is for the containment and controlling of water. this includes retention ponds, refiguring slops and ditches. In the excavation stage we level the area for the building, parking area and driveway as well as do the digging for a basement or crawl space.


Hauling is when we bring in fresh materials to make sure there won't be any surprises in the future, this includes all fill material needed for the building site and stone for parking areas and driveways.


In the area where fill material is being moved or hauled in, compaction is an important step in making sure everything is compressed and stable. Fill is compacted in 6`` lifts to avoid any settling after the site is on grade.

Site Material

There are several different options for bases on pole barns and steel buildings one we commonly use is the 22A Gravel Finish. This is a mix of clay, sand and gravel- it makes for a very stable base.


Trenching is used for trenching drain tile which is necessary for gutters as well as other water channeling.

Septic Systems

This is for when you have restrooms in the building and you are not connected to the city sewer system. obviously if the building needs to be connected with city sewer we will do those connections as well.

Final Grade

This is when the building is finished and you don't want your property to look like a work site anymore, we give it a final grade- We bring back the topsoil that we took off in the beginning and level everything off.

Soil Conditioning

When you job requires that extra touch we can prep your topsoil for grass seed. Makes a precise and fine finish to all disturbed areas.