Septic systems should be inspected and cleaned every 3 years. Septic systems with effluent filters need to be inspected annually. All waste is brought to an approved treatment and processing facility, environmental laws and regulations are followed to ensure environmentally responsible handling of the entire septic system maintenance process.

Schedule Septic Services

    Complete package of septic system services

    System Investigation

    With underground camera inspection problem areas can be located and an adequate solution can be planned.


    Septic tanks need consistent maintenance, as a general rule tanks should be vacuumed every two to three years but this depends on tank size, number of members in the household, as well as water usage.

    Real Estate Inspections

    When buying or selling property with a septic tank a certified inspection gives peace of mind to all parties.

    Underground Camera Visualization

    We use our underground cameras to find leaks, cracks, locations and investigate problems.

    Effluent Filter Maintenance

    Effluent filters are a great insurance for a septic system, giving an early warning before permanent damage is done to the drainage area. Yearly maintenance is recommended.

    Sewer Line Jetting

    Pressurized pipe or drain line cleaning and lift station maintenance.

    Pumping septic tank

    Complete septic service package

    Dig-It Excavating provides a comprehensive package of solutions for septic installations, maintenance as well as ATU systems and their maintenance service packs. ``Pump That Septic`` is a service run by Dig-It Excavating that focusses exclusively on septic system maintenance, cleaning and real estate septic system inspections.